shooting the moon

Having no houses or lights close to the house makes shots of the moon
easy to get. I have been thinking about other night sky shots and
I will definitely share them when I get brave.

Public toilets and WATW

One of the little luxuries of living in a small country is public toilets. 
At my age, I sooo appreciate them!
This is one is on a long stretch of road at a site I will
blog about later.

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A few more pics of our road trip

Moki Tunnel, aka Hobbit Hole

I guess it's the season for escapee sheep.

Whanganui River 

Tongariro National Park

Lambs in the paddock

A small town declared itself a Republic after being moved from one district to another. 
The town of 40 has a Republic Day every two years and attracts thousands of folk.

The hotel in the background below is 'the' representative building for the town. There's not much else to the town.

I'd like to know what this sign is all about, too.

more of our adventure

Most of the roads that we travelled on the Forgotten World Highway 
and Whanganui River Road were paved sealed but there were a few places that 
needed to be cleared from the slides occasionally.

An unexpected road block stopped us for about a half an hour while we 
watched a helicopter helping with some logging. 

They finally let us pass and there was a bit of dodging to do :)

Wild peahens and peacocks were an awesome sight to see in flight, but we 
weren't in a position to capture them in the air.